Amazing Animals: Must See The Unicorn Puppy!!!

Must See Unicorn Puppy!!!

A puppy in Missouri is going viral for a tail growing from his forehead. 

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A cat at a shelter in Houston has been put in solitary confinement for repeatedly letting other cats out of their cages. 

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Incredibly rare clouded leopard cubs born at Houston Zoo

A Man Navigates a Steep Rooftop to Rescue a Dog

If you call this man a hero, I won't argue. He's on the very steep roof of a house rescuing a dog, and the neighbor across the street is filming it. It starts with him hanging onto the window of a third-floor dormer.

He's petting the dog, which is nearby, but too scared to come close. So he has to let go of the window and climb even higher to grab it. Then someone sticks their head out of a nearby skylight so the dog heads over there, until it stops again. 

So now the guy has to walk along the steep roof, grab the dog one more time . . . and then hang onto it until he can hand it to the person. And then he climbs in.

( At 2:11 he climbs higher to get the dog. It's in his lap at 2:26. He lets it go to the other window at 2:56. And at 3:18 he brings it down to the other person.)

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20 People Stopped Traffic to Rescue a Dog on the Highway

There was a minor wreck on the beltway in Houston on Sunday. Apparently no one was seriously hurt. But there was a dog in one of the cars that got loose and started running around in traffic.

It ended up about a half-mile from where the crash was. And there were cars whizzing by it. But luckily no one hit the dog, because around 20 drivers STOPPED their cars, blocked traffic, and helped catch it.

There are a few different videos of people stopping their cars and chasing the dog until someone finally caught it.

Apparently it ran through some broken glass when it jumped out of its owner's car, so its paws were bleeding. But other that, it was fine. They gave it some water and reunited it with the owner.

One person who stopped to help said it was a huge team effort, and everyone worked together.

Another driver also noted that they didn't hear a single person honk or get annoyed. Everyone just wanted to help. 

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A Dog Tries to Bite Water Coming from a Fountain

Someone posted video of their dog struggling to use a doggie water fountain. The fountain has a flat pedal and a small tank. When the dog steps on the pedal, water shoots out of the tank, and then the dog tries to bite it. He doesn't get much.

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