3 Things You Must See: Check Out This Optical Illusion Chair

Check Out This Optical Illusion Chair

Here's a 15-second video of a really good optical illusion. It's a guy placing an armchair on a sidewalk. The chair looks like it's made of wood or metal. And when he tries to sit down he lands on one of the arms. 

He has to walk around the chair to be able to sit down. You really have to see it, because . . . optical illusion.

Woman Sings From Her Apartment Window...This Was The Reaction

In Santiago, Chile...during a government imposed curfew following demonstrations, Ayleen Jovita Romero sang "El derecho de vivir en paz” — or “The right to live in peace.” To understand why, CLICK HERE. Meantime, prepare to have your heart ripped out of your chest.

A Kid in a Talent Show Draws a Perfect Circle, and Brings the House Down

This video is a great example of how presentation is everything. A kid "nailed" his school talent competition, and all he did was draw a perfect circle. It starts with him standing alone and confident in the middle of the stage. 

He says, "hit it" and a curtain opens behind him showing a giant dry erase board, and two assistants. One of them hands him a marker, and then he DRAWS a perfect circle. It's SO perfect, that one of the assistants "faints," and the crowd goes nuts.

Check It Out HERE

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