Criminals: 27 Year Old Stripper Arrested For Stealing $51,000 From Costumer

A 27-year-old stripper in Florida who moved in with an elderly customer was arrested for stealing $51,000 from him over the course of several months. 

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Thieves have been stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of hemp from an upstate New Yorker named Dale WEED. 

Hemp and Marijuana look and smell alike and Mr. Weed thinks that's why the thieves are stealing his crops.

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A 24-year-old woman in Florida who committed a crime of millennial clichés earlier this year has pleaded no contest. 

She's an Instagram model . . . she stole a vape pen . . . and she used Uber and Lyft as her getaway cars. She'll get a $350 fine. 

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A Woman Asks a Cop for Help Filling Up Gas . . . for a Stolen Car

This woman is facing a LOT of jail time because she didn't want to walk six blocks.

There's a 37-year-old woman named Lynette Stewart in Lincoln, California, just outside of Sacramento. And on Thursday night, she filled up a gas can at a Chevron station, then flagged down a cop who was passing by.

She told him she needed to get back to her car, which was out of gas, so he gave her a ride to it . . . about six blocks away.

And when they got there, he ran the plates on the car . . . and found out it was STOLEN the day before.

So he arrested Lynette for vehicle theft. And it turned out she had meth on her too, so she was also charged with drug possession.

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(Here's hermugshot.)

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