3 Things You Must See: New Product Alert A Mini Jacuzzi for Your Testes

New Product Alert: A Mini Jacuzzi for Your Testes

The entire reason that men's bodies have the testes hanging around on the outside is to keep them cool. Just remember that if you buy this product and ever plan to have children . . .

There's a new product called the Testicuzzi, and it's a mini Jacuzzi for your testes. I guess you just fill it up with hot water, flip it on, and let the bubbles give your gonads a nice, comfortable soak.

The website says it's great after a long bike trip, horseback riding, or accidentally getting hit in the groin by a ball or a kick.

If you're interested, they're taking pre-orders now for $40. They're set to ship in early December. 

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(Here's apicture.)

A Mom Scares Her Kids with the "Scissors Through Fake Tongue" Trick

A mom in Arkport, New Yorkscaredher kids by making them think a pair of scissors had pierced all the way through her tongue. She used a fake tongue, but her son and daughter didn't know that.

When they got home from school, she was on the floor moaning in pain. And then she let them scream and cry for about 25 seconds before revealing the prank. Her daughter was so mad she dropped an F-bomb.

(Warning: There's an F-word at 1:18.)

It's hard to tell the Bad Lip Reading version of JOE BIDEN from the real thing.

In case You Missed It!

A Guy Goes Viral When He Realizes His Cherry Blossom Tattoo Makes Him Look Like a Bottle of AriZona Green Tea

There's a 21-year-old guy named Marco from Dallas. And he recently got a large cherry blossom tattoo on the side of his torso.

But . . . as he looked at it more, he realized it made him look JUST like a bottle of AriZona Green Tea. And he's right.

He tweeted a picture of the tattoo, and a Photoshopped picture of his body with the AriZona colors and logo . . . and now it's going viral.

The people at AriZona Iced Tea even noticed it, andtweetedhim, quote, "We guess this means it's going pretty serious between us." 

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(Here's thetattoo, and here's thePhotoshop.)

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