Criminals: Two Women Are Busted for Cheating at Church Bingo

Two Women Are Busted for Cheating at Church Bingo

 Ooh, the bouncers outside of heaven aren't gonna like this.

Two women from Camden, New Jersey were busted last week . . . for cheating during church Bingo night.

A church volunteer caught 71-year-old Teresa Davis and 38-year-old Keasha Brockington taping numbers onto their bingo cards to win the Bingo prize . . . which was a little under $200.

The church called the cops, and Teresa and Keasha were arrested for improper behavior.

A spokesperson from the church said it's the first time they've had a cheating incident in the 20 years they've been running their Bingo game. 

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A vegan woman called the cops on her friends after they tricked her into eating chicken nuggets . . . and now they're facing charges for food tampering. 

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A 71-year-old guy in Florida who sprayed a neighbor with a water gun full of his own PEE has been convicted of battery . . . but he'll only do one month in jail. 

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A Niagara Falls man, believed to be involved in a string of armed robberies while wearing plastic bags, has been taken into custody, according to police.

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A Guy Who's Mad About His Loud Upstairs Neighbors Shoots at the Ceiling . . . and Takes a Ricochet to the Face

This is the 2019 equivalent of banging a broom into your ceiling because your upstairs neighbors are being loud . . . and a fairly predictable 2019 result.

A guy in Phoenix was angry Sunday night because the people in the apartment above him were being too loud.

He banged on their door to tell them to quiet down, but when they didn't answer, he went to plan B . . . grabbing his GUN and shooting into his ceiling.

But . . . one of the bullets ricocheted down and hit him in the FACE.

He was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and nobody else was injured.

And charges against him are pending. 

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