3 Things You Must See: 911 Call…Dog Shoots Woman in The Leg?

911 Call…Dog Shoots Woman in The Leg?

A 79-year-old guy in Oklahoma was driving with a loaded gun in his car, when his dog got scared by a train . . . jumped on the gun . . . and shot his 44-year-old caretaker in the leg. Luckily she survived. 

Here's some of the 911 audio. 

At one point, the guy almost sounds annoyed and tells the woman to tough it out.

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A Guy Bungee Jumps While Playing Bagpipes

This video is from a couple of years ago, but it's making the rounds again. It's a guy in Scotland bungee jumping while playing the bagpipes. The doppler effect of the bagpipe sound moving away and then coming back up is pretty cool.

(Careful: You can kind of see his bare bottom in the clip. He jumps at 0:32.)


Nikes Filled with Holy Water Sell Out Immediately at $3,000-a-Pair

Feeling like Jesus ain't as cheap as it used to be.

A design company called MSCHF in Brooklyn just released a new limited-edition line of Nikes called "Jesus Shoes." And they're filled with HOLY WATER.

The shoes are white '97 Air Max Nikes with a crucifix weaved into the laces . . . frankincense-scented insoles . . . and turquoise-tinted holy water from the Jordan River injected into the see-through air bubble above the soles.

The shoes also have "MT 14:25" printed on them . . . that's a reference to Matthew 14:25, which is the Bible passage about Jesus walking on water.

The people at MSCHF say they wanted to make a statement about how crazy, quote, "collab culture" has gotten. Quote, "We were wondering, what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?" By the way, the shoes aren't endorsed by Nike.

MSCHF put their pairs of "Jesus Shoes" on sale on Tuesday morning at $3,000-a-pair . . . and they sold out immediately. 

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(Here's apicture.)


A Guy Got Struck by Lightning, and People Who Saw It Saved His Life

If you haven't seen this yet, the footage is nuts. A 27-year-old guy near Houston named Alex Coreas was out walking his three dogs last Thursday when he got struck by LIGHTNING. And a security camera got it on video.

It stopped his heart, and he fell face-first on the pavement. But luckily, he was walking by a vet's office when he got hit. And one of the employees saw it happen.

A woman named Christy Mittler told her co-workers he was gonna need CPR. And when they got to him, his clothes were charred . . . his shoes and socks had been ripped in half . . . and there was a big hole in the concrete.

They immediately started chest compressions and called 911. And because they got to him so fast, he MADE it. By the time paramedics showed up, he was breathing again.

Alex did an interview the other day and had a serious black eye from hitting the ground.

He said he didn't even realize he'd been struck by lightning until he was on his way to the hospital in a helicopter. But he's extremely grateful for the strangers who saved his life. 

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(Here's aphotoof Alex, and here's thevideo. He gets struck at :11.)

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