Music:It's Official Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer Are Touring Together

It's Official: Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer Are Touring Together . . . and They All Released New Songs 

As expected,GREEN DAY,FALL OUT BOY, and WEEZER announced a joint tour yesterday . . . and as an added bonus, they also revealed that they ALL have new music on the way. Here's the rundown:

Green Day unleased a song called"Father of All . . .", which is the lead track off an album of the same name. It comes out on February 7th.


Weezer released a music video for their new single"The End of the Game"from their next album"Van Weezer". It won't be out until May 15th, but the band says they "might release it sooner" . . . just because.


Fall Out Boy put out a new song called"Dear Future Self "featuring Wyclef Jean. It'll be on their album"Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die - Volume Two", which will be the first of the three albums to arrive, dropping on November 15th.


The tour is happening NEXT summer, and there are already dates up at also released an amusing video to promote it. WARNING: They use the word 'dickweed' in thevideo.)

AUG 1, 2020 Minute Maid Park Houston, TX


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Green Day Pics from Last Night's Show

Weezer Pics from Last Night's Show

Fall Out Boy Pics from Last Night's Show

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