3 Things You Must See: Why Are Women Putting Glue on Their Upper Lips?

Why Are Women Putting Glue on Their Upper Lips?

This video has been getting tons of hits on TikTok. It's a woman putting glue on the skin between her top lip and nose . . . and then she pushes the middle of her top lip up until it sticks. So it makes the upper lip look bigger and pouty.


A Guy Returns a Wallet He Found in Somebody's Driveway

This could be a commercial for the Ring Doorbell people. It's video of a Good Samaritan returning a wallet he found lying in some family's driveway. 

The homeowner's not there but he recognizes the guy as a neighbor, and they have a conversation through the doorbell cam.


High School Students Prank a Teacher, and He Loses It

This happened in August, but it's making the rounds now. High school students in Collierville, Tennessee tricked their teacher into thinking they broke the classroom TV. He doesn't know that they airplayed the broken screen using Apple TV.

It starts with the teacher out of the room as a student throws a random chair to make noise. When the teacher comes in and sees the screen, he goes nuts. He thinks he may lose his job over it. Some people think it seems staged though.


One of the weirdest looks at New York's fashion week was models wearing fake beards made out of jewels. 

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