Southwest Pilot Brings Father's Remains Home From Vietnam 52 Years Later

Hey Rod,

I probably can’t get through for first phone call, but please share this story. 

I’m not sure if you all read the incredible story of a pilot who flew his fathers remains home after 50 years. That Southwest Pilot said goodbye to his father at 5 years old from Love field, and got to fly his father home. 

I’m a Southwest Employee and there’s a little more than meets the eye that makes me one of the proudest damn employees, esp as a veteran. A

Southwest does not have Cargo services and we would have to have another airline fly his remains to California, then we would bring him home. That was not enough. We literally opened cargo for one day in Honolulu so we could bring him all the way home. I cant Think of many companies that would do that. I cant be prouder. I was able to pay my respects out on the ramp with many other veteran. Please share with your listeners. 

Much love from a proud employee, veteran, and long time listener who had to move to Dallas (but still listens every morning bright and early. 

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