Food: Chipotle Finally Admits Their Queso Failed and Debuts a New Recipe

Chipotle Finally Admits Their Queso Failed and Debuts a New Recipe

It's been two years since Chipotle's QUESO debuted. Which means it's been approximately two years since everyone started talking about how gross it was. They tried tweaking the recipe, but it was still bad.

Well . . . Chipotle finally acknowledged that, yeah, maybe they botched it. They just announced a brand new, totally different queso recipe . . . it's a white queso made with Monterey Jack and white cheddar.

They're testing it right now in stores in Dallas, Detroit, and San Diego . . . and it could go nationwide soon. 

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What's the Most Iconic Sandwich in Every State?

There's a new list out of the most ICONIC SANDWICH in every state, and it'd be hard to argue with pretty much any of the picks. Although, you know, I'm sure people will find a way.

The list features obvious picks like a lobster roll in Maine and cheesesteak in Pennsylvania . . . but also some inspired picks like a Fluffernutter sandwich in Massachusetts and the Elvis sandwich in Tennessee. 

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Busch came out with a commercial mocking old '80s and '90s coffee ads for their release of limited-edition "Busch Latte". . .which is actually just Busch Light in a new can. 

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Panera’s Fall Menu Is All About The Cinnamon

We’re still sweating out the dog days of summer, but Panera Bread is already looking to fall food and drinks. It’s the season when pumpkin spice everything takes over, but this restaurant chain is launching a cinnamon-filled menu to balance out ALL those PSLs. Beginning September 9th, here are the seasonal drinks and desserts Panera will be serving up.

·Apple Pie Thumbprint Cookie - Over in the bakery you can find this almond butter cookie with cinnamon apple filling in the middle and powdered sugar dusted on top.

·Cinnamon Apple Scone - The flavors of fall are all here in this scone made with apple cinnamon filling, topped with a cinnamon crunch and salted caramel icing. It’s basically like a caramel apple in scone form and now we’re excited for fall.

·Cinnamon Spice Cold Brew - This sipper is made with cold brew, half and half, and cinnamon syrup served over ice, for those who like their coffee iced all year long.

·Cinnamon Spice Latte - And for the hot coffee fans, this latte is made with espresso, foamed milk and cinnamon flavor, with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

Now we just have to hold out until September 9th to get in on all this cinnamon.

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Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

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