Criminals: A Woman Gets in a High-Speed Police Chase in a Tesla.....

A Woman Gets in a High-Speed Police Chase in a Stolen Tesla . . . and Is Busted When the Battery Runs Out

I guess if you're going to steal an electric car, you really should see this coming.

There's a 60-year-old woman named Kathy Sain from Payson, Arizona. And on Sunday, she stole a TESLA from a parking lot outside a Subway.

The car was reported stolen quickly, and the cops wound up in a high-speed chase with Kathy.

And it ended when . . . the Tesla's battery ran out of juice.

The cops say, quote, "Spike strips were ineffective [but the] vehicle ran out of electricity" so they were able to arrest Kathy.

She was charged with theft, fleeing, criminal damage, aggravated driving under the influence, and failing to appear on two outstanding warrants. 

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(NC-17) A Man Reports His Gun Was Stolen While He Was Hosting an Anonymous Sex Orgy

What a disappointing thing to happen during an otherwise nice, successful, MASSIVE ORGY.

There's a 63-year-old guy in Deltona, Florida. And a few weeks ago, he hosted a weekend-long ORGY at his house. He advertised it on a gay social media site and about 20 dudes showed up. He was pretty sure he only knew about a quarter of them.

Well . . . once it was all over, he realized someone had stolen his nine-millimeter handgun off his nightstand.

And the police are having a hard time tracking down suspects . . . since the theme of the orgy was, quote, "anonymous sex," so all the dudes were wearing masks and using code names.

The police have classified the case as "suspended or inactive."

A sheriff's department spokesman says, quote, "We're probably not going to solve this one." 

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