Criminals: Illinois Mom Arrested After Driving Car With Kids On Roof 

Illinois mom arrested after driving car with kids on roof — in an inflatable pool

It just needed water and would have made it even better. 

Listener Ashli with an EYE!

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A Woman Is Upset at the Line at the DMV . . . So She Fires Two Shots

A woman in Missouri was so upset at the long wait at the DMV on Tuesday that she pulled out her GUN . . . and fired TWO SHOTS. Fortunately she didn't hit anyone, and she was arrested.  

Ever gone to the DMV and gotten frustrated with the line? Of course you have. A long line is the signature feature of every DMV in the country.

But I'm pretty sure no one's ever reacted like this.

A 34-year-old woman named Vanessa Richey went into the DMV in Parkville, Missouri on Tuesday.

And apparently she got so upset with the wait that she pulled out her GUN . . . and fired TWO SHOTS.

Fortunately, the bullets didn't hit anyone . . . and an undercover cop was at the DMV and took her down before she could fire again.

She has been charged with making a terrorist threat and unlawful use of a weapon. 

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A burglar in Oregon was found hiding in a crawl space wearing a onesie with a cat named Spaghetti. 

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