Lookin' At Girlzz: Preview Pics from Maren Morris's PG-13 "Playboy" Shoot

Preview Pics from Maren Morris's PG-13 "Playboy" Shoot

It was back in April when MAREN MORRIS revealed she was posing for"Playboy". She also made it clear that the photos would be PG-13.

We have our first look because she posted a couple of the pics yesterday. She's sitting on a chair wearing red pants and a cowboy hat in both photos. She's barefoot in one pic and in the other she's wearing boots. 

Oh, and she's topless in both . . . but with a hand covering the strategic areas. She captioned the post, "Strip it down. Something with 'Playboy 'is coming next week."

According to"Fox News"she's part of the "gender and sexuality issue" that will be out next Tuesday.

And you're wondering how her husbandRyan Hurd is handling this. Very well, thank you. (Careful) He reTweeted both photos, and wrote, "Get on me." (Ah, married life.)

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Happy Birthday Adriana Lima is 38. 

Retired Victoria's Secret model. She married NBA player Marko Jaric in 2009. She allegedly SAVED HERSELF for marriage and gave that gift to Marco on their wedding night. But they're divorced now.


It looks like BRITNEY SPEARS enjoyed her Miami vacation with her boyfriend.


MILEY CYRUS slammed breakup rumors in a 10th anniversary post to LIAM HEMSWORTH. 

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LINDSAY LOHAN was asked about PARIS HILTON's recent diss, and she replied, quote, "Who's that?" 


Taylor Swift Sent Katy Perry Cookies to Permanently End Their Beef 

It's been a year since TAYLOR SWIFT and KATY PERRY finally ended their beef, and now, Taylor has sealed it with a sweet gesture. Literally.

She and Katy had a girl's night recently, and Taylor brought COOKIES on a plate that said, quote, "Peace at last." Katy posted a photo of it online, and added, quote, "Feels good." In the location tag, she wrote, "Let's Be Friends."

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Happy Birthday  Kendra Wilkinson is 34. 

She started out as one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on"The Girls Next Door". Then she tried to make a go of it with NFL star Hank Baskett. . . but she threw in the towel on their marriage in April of 2018.

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BILL MURRAY loves SELENA GOMEZ so much he would take her to meet his mother . . . if she was still alive.

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Pretty sure you're not gonna see MADONNA's"Madame X" album on the shelves at Walmart. At least not with THIS cover. 

(WARNING: You are about to see naked breasts that are obviously too perky to be Madonna's.)

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