Food:Forget Pineapple on Pizza What Do You Think of Pineapple in a Burrito?

Forget Pineapple on Pizza . . . What Do You Think of Pineapple in a Burrito?

If you don't think pineapple on pizza is controversial enough, check THIS out.

There's a Mexican fast food chain in Australia called Mad Mex. And they just launched a burrito with PINEAPPLE as one of the ingredients. So you get your rice, your beans, your meat, your guac, your cheese . . . and pineapple.

A writer for Buzzfeed actually tried the thing, and she was surprised to find it tasted good. Quote, "It added a sweetness to the burrito I wasn't expecting." 

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An Ice Cream Shop Launches a Buffalo Wing Flavor

Even if you love Buffalo wings and spicy foods, I'm not sure this would do it for you.

The Lake Effect Ice Cream shop in Buffalo, New York just launched a new flavor this week . . . BUFFALO WING. It's made with Frank's RedHot Sauce and, apparently, you can really taste that flavor.

Is that a good thing? People are . . . mixed. On Lake Effect's Facebook page, there are a lot of people saying they want to try it . . . but also a lot of people saying they don't want ANYTHING to do with it. 

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KFC has a new exclusive flavor of Mountain Dew called Sweet Lightning. It tastes like peach and honey.

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McDonald's is testing more international items at its headquarters restaurant in Chicago, including a Greek salad from Canada, curly fries from Malaysia, and dessert parfaits from Belgium. 

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