3 Things You Must See: The World Naked Bike Ride Happened in New Orleans

The World Naked Bike Ride was this weekend in New Orleans and there was an unexpected twist . . . people riding BIKE SHARE bikes naked. 

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A 34-year-old woman in Scotland recently got stuck in her cousin's Little Tikes toy car. After about an hour, her dad had to saw through it with a bread knife. And her friends couldn't stop laughing.

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A Man Catches a Flying Patio Umbrella Headed for His Car

Security cam filmed a guy pulling into his driveway and getting out of his car JUST as a patio umbrella comes flying over a fence heading right at him. But he reacts perfectly and catches it . . . probably saving himself and his car window.



A Delivery Driver Rings the Doorbell Cam, and Then Does a Floss Dance

Somebody's doorbell cam in Jacksonville, North Carolina captured video of a delivery driver ringing the bell, setting the package down . . . and then breaking into a floss dance. He even tops it off with a salute.

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