We Found Andrew Our Way Back Wednesday Winner of $750

The Rod Ryan Show Presents Way Back Wednesday

Presented by PrimeWay Federal Credit Union

Every Wednesday we will feature a new “Way Back” Photo from the

Buzz Archives. The picture will go live at 7am.

The person in the photo with the red circle around their head will have 1 HOUR to get a hold of us via email with an updated picture of them to win

$750.00 cash!

Email rod@thebuzz.com and chile@thebuzz.com if it’s you!

If we do not find the person featured before the hour is up the money will “push” to the following week

or until we finally find our way back Wednesday Listener!

There is nothing for you to do but wait and hope we have a pic of you in our archives.

Good Luck

Here is What We Know!

·Pic is from July 27th, 2007

·Zone D ’Erotica in the Galleria (It just sold last week and will become a Taco Place)

·Hottie Posse Poster Signing

·Wearing a Navy hat (is/was he in the Navy?)

·Brought an Old School camera to take pix of The Girlzzz!

Here are some more pics from July 27th, 2007



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