Food: Kraft Releases "Salad Frosting" for Kids Which Is Just Ranch Dressing

Kraft Releases "Salad Frosting" for Kids . . . Which Is Just Ranch Dressing in Disguise

Parents have been trying to trick their kids into eating vegetables FOREVER. So it's about time the food companies colluded with them.

Kraft is releasing a new product called SALAD FROSTING. It's in a pouch and has lots of bright colors on the front.

But "salad frosting" is actually just . . . ranch dressing.

By disguising it as "frosting," Kraft is hoping it'll push kids to use it on their vegetables.

By the way, ranch dressing isn't THAT healthier than actual frosting when it comes to calories and fat. It does have less sugar though . . . and if it motivates kids to eat vegetables, then maybe it's worth it. 

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June 11th is National Corn on the Cob Day. 

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Miller Lite Has a New Can That Works as a Video Game Controller

If you thought Coors Light had a good beer can gimmick when they made those mountains that turned blue when the can was cold, check THIS out.

Miller Lite just created a new beer can that works as a VIDEO GAME CONTROLLER. It's got a control pad, buttons, and a Bluetooth connection to hook up to your computer.

Unfortunately, if you want one, you have to go to an event in L.A. tomorrow night and beat the comedian Eric Andre in a game of"Street Fighter". So get ready to pay BIG for one on eBay. 

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Krispy Kreme is going to open a new signature store in Times Square in New York City that includes "immersive and interactive" experiences. 

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Walmart Will Deliver Groceries Right To Your Fridge

Grocery delivery services help you skip the supermarket shopping, but after it’s dropped off at your house, you still have to put the food away. But now Walmart is offering a new service that appeals to our lazy side because they’ll bring the groceries to your house and put them in the fridge for you.

The new service is called “inHome” and it’s being tested in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Missouri, and Vero Beach, Florida this fall, with more cities in the works. It’s supposed to be as easy as placing a grocery order online and choosing “InHome Delivery” at checkout.

The delivery people will be trained and vetted Walmart workers who’ve been at a local store for at least a year, which is comforting since they’ll be inside your house. The employees will also have a wearable camera, so we can see the process in action. This kind of service isn’t free, but Walmart isn’t giving up the delivery cost just yet.

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