Criminals: A Guy Successfully Robs Two Banks While Armed with an Avocado

A Guy Successfully Robs Two Banks While Armed with an Avocado

Avocados have had a lot of hype the last few years. But maybe they're still underrated. Because who knew they could do THIS?

A 47-year-old guy in Israel just got arrested after robbing at least two banks while ARMED with an avocado.

He painted it black, claimed it was a grenade, and it worked . . . twice.

He got about $4,500 in the first robbery, and another $3,300 in the second one.

Cops couldn't ID him from the surveillance footage, because he wore hats, glasses, and an eye patch to hide his face.

But they tracked him down by comparing the cell phone activity at each bank. His phone was the only phone active in both places while they were being robbed.

It turns out he has a record, and spent three years in jail for a previous robbery. It's not clear how much time he's looking at for the avocado incidents.

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A Guy Says the Cocaine on His Nose Isn't His

What a strange place to keep the drugs you swear you were just holding for a friend.

A 20-year-old guy named Fabricio Jimenez from New Port Richey, Florida was pulled over around 4:30 A.M. on Sunday.

And the cops noticed he had some WHITE POWDER on his nostrils. So they ran a field test on the powder, and it was cocaine.

But Fabricio had an excuse. According to the police report, quote, "he attempted to tell the deputies the cocaine on his nose was not his."

He couldn't explain WHY someone else's cocaine was in his nose . . . plus he had a small bag with more cocaine on him, and a huge bag of weed and Xanax too. He was arrested for felony narcotics possession. 

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VIDEO…A Woman Slowly Realizes She's Been Caught Passing Counterfeit Money

Security cam from inside an Arby's drive-thru shows a woman in a car paying for her order. When she sees the employee checking the bill to see if it's counterfeit, and then calling over a supervisor . . . she pulls away.


A guy in Texas got busted by mounted cops for peeing in public on Saturday, so he attacked them . . . and punched two of their horses.

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