Food: Pringles New Mystery Flavor Guess It and You Could Win $10,000

Pringles Is Releasing a New Mystery Flavor . . . Guess It and You Could Win $10,000

 If you've got a refined palate, time to use it in the best way possible: Detecting the artificial flavor on potato chips that come in a can.

Pringles is releasing a new MYSTERY FLAVOR. And if you guess it right, you could win $10,000.

The mystery Pringles will be on sale at Walgreens sometime this month and should be available through the end of July.

And the flavor might be tough . . . unlike when Oreo ran its mystery flavor contest a few years back and everyone immediately knew it was Fruity Pebbles.

Pringles did a mystery flavor contest in Canada last year, and it turned out to be Seven Layer Dip. 

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It's National Chocolate Chip Day . . . Why Do One Out of 50 Americans Hate Them?

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day. And somehow, there are people out there who aren't happy about it.

According to a survey, 2% of Americans say they HATE chocolate chips. And another 5% of people say they dislike them.

So if you're part of the 93% of Americans who DON'T have an issue with chocolate chips, Nestle Toll House Café stores are giving out free cookies today if you swing by.

It's one per customer so . . . you know . . . bring all your disguises along too.

Oh . . . and in case you're just not ready to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day today, don't worry. August 4th is National Chocolate Chip COOKIE Day, so you'll have another chance then. 

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(And speaking of cookies, Popeyes is now selling fried Oreos.)

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Hershey's Just Redesigned Their Chocolate Bars for the First Time in 125 Years . . . to Add Emojis

Hershey's is about to break a 125-year-old tradition just for the sake of putting smiley faces on chocolate.

Hershey's just announced they're going to change the design of their chocolate bars for the first time since 1894 . . . instead of each little square of chocolate saying "Hershey's", they're going to have different EMOJIS printed on them.

The emoji bars will be available for the summer. 

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Red Lobster is giving away insulated fanny packs to keep your Cheddar Bay biscuits warm. 

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Kellogg's is bringing back Chocolate Peanut Butter Corn Pops for the first time since they were discontinued a decade ago.

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You Can Get a Free Slider Just for Walking Into a White Castle Today

Hey, good news: You can get a free slider at White Castle today. I mean . . . you'll still have to buy nine more to feel even a little bit full, and 14 more for the full colon cleansing effect, but whatever.

White Castle says today is National Slider Day, and I guess they would know.

So if you go to any of their stores and show them a coupon from their app or website, you'll get a free slider and a drink. 

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