3 Things You Must See:Kid's Karate Class Cheer His Attempts to Break Board

A Little Kid's Karate Class Cheers His Attempts to Break a Board

In case you haven't seen this: A little kid in a martial arts class in Orlando, Florida was having no luck breaking a board with his foot. His teacher is holding the board and giving him instructions, but he's messing up so badly he starts crying.

But then the other kids in the class start cheering him on and calling out his name, which is Phoenix . . . and on the sixth try he breaks it. The entire class erupts and runs up to congratulate him.


A Woman Dancing While Balancing a Motorcycle on Her Head

This video is from Vietnam. It's a woman dancing for two minutes while balancing a motorcycle on her head. It takes four people to hoist it up, and there's a small pad between the top of her head and the bike for cushioning.

She's part of a dance troupe, and people put tips into the bike spokes and her hand.  

(Search Newsflare for "Woman Dances In Front Of Crowd With Motorcycle On Her Head.")


This Guy Does Excellent Sound Effects

We've seen our share of people doing sound effects, but this guy is surprisingly good. A friend calls out the sounds, and he nails each one. 

He does drops of water . . . a bird . . . a can popping open and the liquid pouring out . . . a house fly . . . a chicken . . . a cat . . . a horse . . . a spray bottle . . . and a barber's electric razor.

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