Movies: Is the Emperor Coming Back in "Star Wars 9"? 

Is the Emperor Coming Back in "Star Wars 9"? 

 The first trailer for"Star Wars 9"came out this weekend, and now we know the official title: "The Rise of Skywalker".

Speaking of Skywalker, there's a voiceover from MARK HAMILL saying, quote, "We'll always be with you. No one's ever really gone." Then the screen goes black, and the clip ends with maniacal laughter.

It turns out that laughter came fromIAN MCDIARMID. . . a.k.a. The Emperor. You know, the guy that Luke and a reformed Darth Vader supposedly killed at the end of"Return of the Jedi".

The trailer was first unveiled at an event called "Star Wars Celebration" in Chicago, and McDiarmid was there to confirm it's his laugh.

The trailer gives us our first look at BILLY DEE WILLIAMS, returning as Lando Calrissean . . . andCARRIE FISHER, who's in the movie thanks to unused footage from the last movie.

By the way . . . this is going to be the last"Star Wars"movie for a while. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says, quote, "We're going to take a hiatus for a couple of years.

"And we're taking the time to really look at where this is going from the standpoint of a saga."


“Bohemian Rhapsody” Has Earned Over $900 Million Worldwide: It’s been five months since the Queen biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” hit theaters and it’s still bringing in the dough.

In fact, this weekend the film passed $900 million in global box office receipts.Overall the film has taken in $216.2 million in North America, and another $685.2 million overseas. The film is now the fourth-best-selling flick of all time for 20th Century Fox, behind “Avatar,” “Titanic,” and “Star Wars: Episode I: Phantom Menace.”

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Weekend Movie Wrap-Up

·"Shazam!" is still a hit

·"Hellboy" kind of flopped

·We have the rest of the top ten

“Shazam!” is still on top, earning $25 million for its second week. The superhero movie easily topped newcomers “Little” and “Hellboy.” “Hellboy” was a bit of disappointment, making just $12 million, although it did debut in the third spot.

“Little” did a bit better, debuting in the second spot with just above $15 million. Thanks to fellow newcomers “After” and “Missing Link,” flicks like “How To Train Your Dragon,” “Unplanned,” and “Wonder Park” have been bumped out of the top ten. “After” debuted with just over $6 million, and “Missing Link” with just under $6 million.

“The Best Of Enemies” saw a big dip of 55-percent for its second week, now in the tenth spot instead of sixth. “Captain Marvel” sits in the sixth spot instead, making just under $9 million.

Here’s this weekend’s top 10 movies:

1.“Shazam!” – $25 million

2.“Little” – $15.5 million

3.“Hellboy” – $12 million

4.“Pet Sematary” – $10 million

5.“Dumbo” – $9.2 million

6.“Captain Marvel” – $8.6 million

7.“Us” – $6.9 million

8.“After” – $6.2 million

9.“Missing Link” – $5.8 million

10.“The Best Of Enemies” – $2 million

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