Food: An Ice Cream Shop Is Selling a Gelato Burger

An Ice Cream Shop Is Selling a Gelato Burger . . . That's a Few Scoops of Ice Cream on a Chocolate Bun

Ice cream is evolving to the point where on one glorious day in the not-too-distant future, we'll be able to get away with eating it for EVERY meal.

There's an international ice cream chain called Amorino that just started serving a GELATO BURGER at two of its locations in New York.

It's got two scoops of gelato and a topping like Nutella . . . all on a chocolate-flavored hamburger bun.

It sounds delicious, but so far, Amorino admitted it's not super popular . . . mostly because people are confused about whether there's also meat involved. There's not. 

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Krispy Kreme’s Spring Doughnuts Are Beyond Cute

Easter is just a few weeks away and Krispy Kreme is already celebrating with its new line of spring-inspired treats. The chain’s new limited-edition goodies are here, but they won’t be for long, as soon as Easter is over, these will be gone, too. The springtime doughnuts are over-the-top adorable and more importantly, here’s what they taste like:

·The Bunny - It’s a chocolate cream filled doughnut dipped in white icing and decorated like a bunny with chocolate and pink icing and long sugar ears.

·The Chick - This one is also ALMOST too cute to eat, with its bright yellow icing outside and cake batter filling inside, it looks like a delicious, adorable baby chick.

·The Decorated Egg - It’s filled with Krispy Kreme’s classic White Kreme, dipped in strawberry icing, and decorated to look like an Easter egg with spring colors of pink, green and yellow.

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The Key to Slowing Down Hearing Loss Is . . . More Chocolate

If only EVERY medical cure was this easy.

According to a new study out of South Korea, the key to slowing down your hearing loss as you get older is . . . MORE CHOCOLATE.

The researchers studied more than 3,500 men and women, and they found that the people who regularly ate chocolate saw a 27% decrease in their hearing as they got older . . . versus a 36% decrease for people who didn't eat chocolate.

Why? They believe it's because the antioxidants in chocolate help protect you against hearing loss. So eat up. 

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