3 Things You Must See: A Boy Gave Horrible Haircuts to Himself and Sister

A Little Boy Gave Horrible Haircuts to Himself and His Siblings

A mom shot video of the horrible haircuts her young son gave to his sister, his toddler brother . . . and himself. They were left alone for 10 minutes and he used an electric razor to randomly buzz-cut different sections of their heads.

The mom tries to stay positive by telling the kids that their hair will grow back.


A Song of "Vanilla Ice & Fire"

A rehash making the rounds again...thanks to last night's "GoT" season premiere. Enjoy your favorites from Westeros "singing" the Vanilla Ice classic, "Ice Ice Baby".


A Man Survives Being Run Over by His Own Truck

Security cam in China shows a huge truck parked next to a gas station, and then it starts rolling toward the pumps. The driver's not at the wheel, but he does come running from nearby and tries to stop it by using his own body. But it rolls over him.

Fortunately, he wasn't crushed . . . but he did have minor injuries to his arm.

Watch HERE

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