Amazing Bridgeland High School (Cypress) Video Goes Viral!

Amazing Bridgeland High School (Cypress) Video Goes Viral!

On Friday I received the email below from the Kathrina, AVP Instructor at Bridgeland High. Im so glad I took the time to really watch the videos she sent me. It’s Absolutely Amazing. I watched the Original Video and was Floored then after watching the Side By Side Video and saw how much detail was put into each shot my mind was Blown.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Great Job to the students. I would like to personally thank these young people for their “homage” to some of the Greatest Movies of All-Time all of which probably came out before they were even born! Kudos on getting Weezer to sign off on this!


“Take on BHS” -- Gotta watch all the way to the end!



I’m an audio/video teacher at a public high school in Cypress, Texas. For over two weeks, my class (nine kids total) worked with our whole school on a video assignment - to make a lip dub mash-up.  We got permission from Weezer to use their cover of “Take On Me” and clubs/teams re-enacted (sweded) over 25 iconic scenes from 80s movies while lip syncing the song.

Would you consider sharing on your FB page/twitter feed/website? Film lovers and Weezer fans will appreciate the love and care we put into this - in fact, on Twitter we’ve got the support from Weezer, A-Ha, Patton Oswald, Jon Cryer, and Mark Hamill himself!

The kids took on the task, not caring about what gender or ethnicity the roles originally were, and the breath of diversity is wonderful. The kids did it all, from the planning, to filming, directing, editing, and then distribution. The clubs/teams did their own costuming and props.The parade scene was a blast to film - the kids were so into it. We are a new school - we don't have prom or homecoming, yet. But we do have this: a coming together of kids who love movies and wanted to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

School is often portrayed in the media as a scary place to be - it doesn't have to be. It actually is quite fun. We hope to contribute to a more positive school culture.

I like thinking that when people watch our goofy fun video, they see the love and care that went into it. That they recall some memories of the films we re-enact, and maybe smile at how crazy it all is. I hope it brings a little joy in the world. Maybe it would make your movie-goers happy, too?

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

I hope you like it, too.

- A side-by-side look at what the kids emulated! Amazing!


Here is some other Local Coverage they have received!

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