Lookin' At Girlzzz: Jessica Simpson Rocks a Bikini in A Pregnancy Pic

Jessica Simpson rocks a bikini in a revealing pregnancy snap as star jokes about her baby bump: 'Jess-tation'

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Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu Won't Be Naked in Their Stripper Movie 

JENNIFER LOPEZ and CONSTANCE WU from "Crazy Rich Asians"play strippers in a movie called"Hustlers", but they won't be doing any nudity. A source says, quote, "There are no topless scenes in the movie for Jennifer nor Constance."

The plot . . . if you care anymore . . . has Jennifer and Constance, quote, "getting their revenge on wealthy, drunk, and abusive clients by maxing out their credit cards after they've passed out."

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I love MILEY CYRUS for posting this. I really, really do.


Farrah Abraham models £20 PrettyLittleThing lingerie at the pink store opening on Melrose

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AMY SCHUMER got straight-up naked on Instagram. The photos are kinda far away, but she's still butt-naked.)


Two-years before Vanna White got her job on "Wheel of Fortune", she was a contestant on "The Price Is Right". 

Bob Barker even scolded her for staring at herself in the monitor too much.

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And here's KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN naked in a tub.


OLD SKOOL Happy Birthday Ursula Andress is 83. The FIRST Bond girl: Honey Ryder in"Dr. No"in 1962. She's the blonde coming out of the water when Sean Connery hits the beach.

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