Criminalzzz: Shocking video of Bikini-Clad Women Having a HUGE Fight

Shocking video shows a group of bikini-clad women having a HUGE fight in Miami during Spring Break

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A Guy with a Knife Tries to Rob a Store, but the Cashier Pulls Out a Bigger Knife and Locks Him Inside

Some guy walked into a gas station in Huntsville, Alabama with KNIFE on Saturday and tried to rob the place.

But the cashier pulled out a MACHETE . . . and pushed a button to auto-lock the front doors. So they were locked inside together. And it was ON.

There's security footage of them getting in a knife fight while the cashier called the cops. But neither of them landed any serious shots. 

The robber was 32-year-old Seth Holcomb. And he eventually broke down the doors to get out. But then the cashier chased him outside . . . and started attacking his CAR with the machete.

He broke out at least one of the headlights . . . smashed the windshield . . . and slashed one of the tires. He also got into it with the guy's girlfriend, who also had a knife.

They eventually drove off, but cops pulled them over nearby. Both Seth and his girlfriend are facing several charges and could get LIFE in prison. 

here's the "that's not a knife"scene from "Crocodile Dundee." Warning! There's an S-word at :40.)

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A Drunk Driver Reports Another Drunk Driver, and They Both Get Arrested

Isn't it nice when things just work themselves out?

Two idiots in England got into a minor car accident on Sunday. And one of them called the cops, because they thought the other driver was drunk.

Which was true. They WERE drunk.

But when police got there, they realized that BOTH drivers were actually drunk.

It's not clear which one of them was drunker, but they both got arrested.

According to police, it was such a minor crash that neither vehicle had any damage.

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Update: The guy in Indiana who accidentally shot himself in the JUNK last month will face charges for carrying an unlicensed firearm. 

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Wow: Two guys got into it on a flight from Spain to Scotland on Saturday . . . and one of them bit the other's NOSE off. 

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After sending his online girlfriend more than $100,000 over the course of three years, a guy in Canada found out it was just a scam. 

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