3 Things You Must See: A Best Man Face Plants During the Wedding Ceremony

A Best Man Face Plants During the Wedding Ceremony

A best man fainted, and then face planted during an outdoor wedding ceremony in Snohomish, Washington, which is north of Seattle. He hits the pavement really hard and may have knocked out some teeth. 

It's not clear how long he was unconscious, but he does get back on his feet. It also looks like he peed his pants while he was out of it.

And there's another detail of the video that's getting a lot of attention. It's a bridesmaid who's singing at the beginning of the clip, and she's not exactly on key.


12 Teens Form a Human Spider That Walks

A group of 12 teens in Brazil formed themselves into a human spider that could walk. It starts with four of them standing in a circle and locking shoulders. And then one by one they crawl onto the pile and lock into different positions.

By the time they're done they resemble a spider with eight legs . . . and the whole unit walks away. You definitely need to see it to get the full effect.


Check Out This Mysterious Hole in the Clouds

A meteorologist posted video of a cloud formation in the skies over the United Arab Emirates that looks like a massive flying saucer. It's called a "fallstreak hole" and it's basically a large gap that forms in certain types of clouds.

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