3 Things You Must See: A Guy Sets a New World Record by Wearing 260 Shirts.

A guy in Canada recently set a new world record by wearing 260 shirts at once. And the photo is ridiculous.

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A Man Goes to the Wrong House, and Hams It Up for the Doorbell Cam

Some guy carrying three cases of beer had to use his nose to ring a doorbell cam. And then he started sticking his tongue out and making goofy faces at it. But he didn't know he was at the wrong house.

The guy who lives there set him straight and he apologized and left.


A Woman is Almost Crushed by Her Own Moped

If you've never heard of "freerunning" it's basically the same as parkour. And here's one that went bad, but it could've been worse. A woman did a stunt where she somersaulted onto a moped, but instead of driving away, the bike tipped over. 

And when she tried to pick it up, she accidentally turned the throttle and it took off with her holding on. The bike bounced off a wall, into the air . . . and crashed down within inches of her head.

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A team just found the WORLD'S LARGEST BEE in Indonesia. It hasn't been spotted since 1981. It's almost an inch-and-a-half long, or about three to four times bigger than an average bee.

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3 Things Follow Up!

Nike's new app-controlled, self-lacing sneakers are running into trouble . . . some people haven't been able to update the software on them, which basically made the shoes useless.

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