Food: Bouquet of Olive Garden Breadsticks This Valentine's Day

You Can Give Your Significant Other a Bouquet of Olive Garden Breadsticks This Valentine's Day

Nothing says romance like free bread. If you want to score major points this Valentine's Day . . . or maybe get dumped on the spot . . . you can give your significant other a bouquet of OLIVE GARDEN BREADSTICKS.

They put templates up online that you can print out and then fold into a bouquet container . . . then head over to Olive Garden and buy their breadsticks to fill up the bouquet.

Then RUSH THE HELL HOME before they get cold and gross.  (

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Coke is  debuting  its first new flavor in over a decade this month . . . Orange Vanilla. It'll be in stores starting February 25th. 

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There's a new ice cream by a company called Night food that apparently helps you sleep.  

Right now it's only available on their website, but it should be in stores later this year. It has extra protein and amino acids and enzymes that are supposed to help you fall asleep. And it's also low-calorie, with around 320 calories in a pint. Apparently they also have other foods in the works, like candy bars. Here's an ad they posted online.

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A guy walked into a McDonald's in Newark, New Jersey last Tuesday, released a white rat from a plastic container onto the floor, and half the people inside flipped out and made for the extits.  

It's not clear why he did it, and it almost looks like a pet rat in the video more than anything.

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Five Hacks to Try at Starbucks

If Starbucks is part of your morning routine, here are a few hacks to get a better experience and save money . . .

1. If there's a long line, order on their app. Then skip the line, walk up a few minutes later, and ask for your drink. If it's not done yet, they'll usually rush it.

2. If you don't like super-hot coffee, order your drink at “kids' temperature." It'll save your tongue from getting burned.

3. Ask for your "grande" coffee in a "venti" cup. It gives you more room for cream. And if they accidentally overfill it a little bit, boom . . . that's free coffee.

4. If you're up for something new, ask what the barista likes, and order that. They know better than anyone what's good. And they probably have a few hacks of their own.

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Wiz Khalifa and his son Sebastian are in a new ad campaign for Oreos, and a commercial premiered during the Grammys last night. They goof around together, and it features a new Wiz Khalifa track called "Stay Playful".


Your Hangover Will Be Equally Bad If You Drink Wine Before Beer or Beer Before Wine

Have you ever heard that if you drink beer before wine, you won't have a bad hangover . . . but if you drink wine before beer, then look out?

Well . . . it turns out that's not true. According to a new study, it doesn't matter if you drink beer then wine or wine then beer . . . the order you drink different things doesn't have any effect on your hangover.

The researchers didn't test the other "drink order" question: Beer before liquor, never been sicker . . . liquor before beer, you're in the clear. But studies in the past have shown that one's also a myth.

So what DOES help you predict how bad your hangover is going to be? This isn't exactly groundbreaking, but it's how drunk you feel.

The researchers found that people who got really hammered or threw up had worse hangovers the next day than people who handled their booze better. 

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