3 Things You Must See: Woman Takes Pregnancy Photos with Baby Gator

A woman in Florida did her best to sum up the state in her pregnancy photos . . . she took them with the state flag, a baby gator, shotgun, and case of Bud Light. 

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A Chimp Uses a Fallen Tree Branch to Escape from a Zoo

A visitor at the Belfast Zoo in Northern Ireland filmed some chimpanzees attempting a breakout on Saturday. They had propped a fallen tree branch against the enclosure's wall and then climbed to the top. 

The branch is already leaning against the wall when the clip starts and you see a couple of chimps making their way to the top. One of them does escape . . . although it returned later.

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A Guy Walking and Texting Falls Down a Manhole

Street cam in Peru filmed a guy walking down a side street, and he's so glued to his phone that he falls into an open manhole. He didn't see the caution tape. A passerby called the fire department. 

The guy had serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.

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A Snowboarder Tumbles While Jumping Off a Roof

This happened last year, but it's making the rounds now. Some guy in Finland tried to snowboard off the roof of a small building, and things didn't go as planned. 

He takes a huge tumble before getting to the edge, but gets himself UPRIGHT just enough to make a decent landing. He got away with a few scratches.

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