Food: Tomorrow Is National Pizza Day Here Are Five Important Pizza Stats

Tomorrow Is National Pizza Day . . . Here Are Five Important Pizza Stats

Tomorrow is National Pizza Day, which, frankly, feels like it's a pretty legitimate reason for celebrating.

Anyway, in honor of the holiday, here are some new pizza stats for you . . .

1. 98% of Americans like pizza, and 54% of us even say we LOVE IT.                                                               

2. Almost one in three people eat it at least once a week.

3. 33 million Americans would pick pizza as their last meal on Earth . . . and 26 million would give up getting-it-on for a year for unlimited pizza.

4. The most popular toppings are pepperoni . . . sausage . . . mushroom . . . and bacon. And the least popular are anchovies . . . eggplant . . . pineapple . . . and artichokes.

5. When it comes to crusts, "regular" is the most popular type . . . thin crust is second . . . and deep dish is third.  ( PR Newswire / YouGov )

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Do Yourself a favor and look up the hashtag #pizzaandbooty on Instagram this weekend!

(Two things we are Powerless Over!)


Pre-Crushed 'Drinkable' Potato Chips Are Now a Thing

A company in Japan is now selling pre-crushed, 'drinkable' potato chips called "One Hand Chips." The idea is you can eat them without getting your hands greasy, and use your phone at the same time.

It looks like One-Hand Chips are only available in Japan for now. So you'll either have to go there to try them . . . or just buy some chips and crush them yourself. 

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You may have heard about something similar last year called Fail Chips , but those never actually went on sale and turned out to just be part of a marketing campaign .

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Booze-Filled Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Is Finally Available in the U.S.

Back in 2017, Häagen-Dazs started selling BOOZE-infused ice cream in Canada. And now it's finally available in the U.S.

There are six different flavors: Irish Cream Brownie . . . Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle . . . Stout Chocolate Pretzel Crunch . . . Bourbon Praline Pecan . . . Rum Tres Leches  (pronounced trace LEH-chays) . . . and a non-dairy option, Amaretto Black Cherry Almond Toffee.

The sad news is it's probably next to impossible to get drunk on them. The alcohol content is only 0.5%. So you'd have to eat a LOT of ice cream just to get a buzz.

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Tyson just released pizza-flavored chicken nuggets.  

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Starbucks Valentine’s Menu Brings Back The Cherry Mocha

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and Starbucks is treating us to a special Valentine’s menu once again. The highlight of the holiday offerings has to be the Cherry Mocha, which is back this year, much to fans’ delight. The sweet espresso-based drink made with candied cherry syrup and mocha sauce made its debut last year and didn’t stick around long enough, so we welcome its return. But once again, it’s only available through February 14th, so get it while you can.

But the Cherry Mocha isn’t the only fun, festive Starbucks Valentine treat, they’ve also got some limited-time additions to the bakery case. The Valentine’s Day cake pop is made with intense chocolate cake coated with red icing and topped with candy hearts. And they also have a Valentine’s Day Heart Sugar Cookie, which is a buttery treat with white icing and rainbow-colored sprinkles. If you want to get your hands on one of these goodies, get to Starbucks before Valentine’s Day, which is next Thursday.

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Cardi B posted a new Pepsi  commercial  that'll air during the Grammys on Sunday. It's set in a dinner where Cardi tries to teach everyone how to say her signature 'okurrrr.


Dumb Internet Debate of the Day: If a Baguette Could Walk, How Would It Move?

There are plenty of dumb debates that go viral on the Internet on a daily basis. This MIGHT be the dumbest.

An animator in England tweeted this question yesterday: If a baguette could walk, how would it move? And he animated four options: Sliding like a worm . . . galloping by using its ends as feet . . . flipping end over end . . . or inching like a caterpillar.

He put up a poll , and it has already received more than 250,000 votes. The leading vote getter so far is . . . flipping end over end.

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