3 Things You Must See: Woman Gets More Than She Bargained for From Dolphin

A Woman Gets More Than She Bargained for From a Frisky Dolphin

A woman in Cuba was sitting on the edge of a dock with her arms outstretched hoping to pet a dolphin in the water. And not only did he take her up on it . . . but he wanted MORE.

He jumped out of the water, landed in her lap, and started humping. She doesn't seem upset because she laughs the whole time. They clip ends there, but the person who uploaded the video says security had to step in and remove him.

(Careful: This really is a dolphin trying to hump a human. Search for " Dolphin On The Dock Feeling Frisky .")


Cops Brought Out Their Tactical Gear for a Snowball Fight with Kids

A group of cops near Seattle brought out some of their SWAT gear on Monday for a snowball fight with kids, but they were just having fun. They used a tactical shield to move in on them in a park, but had to retreat because they were outnumbered. And they posted a video of it on Facebook.


A School Bus Overturns on an Icy Road

This happened Wednesday in Missouri. Surveillance video filmed a school bus on an icy road hitting a curb, and then sliding and tipping over on its side. Fortunately, everyone was okay. Three students, the driver, and a monitor had minor injuries.

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