Movies: A Sing-Along Version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" Is Hitting Theaters

A Sing-Along Version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" Is Hitting Theaters 

If you've held off on seeing "Bohemian Rhapsody" until you can watch it with a bunch of people you don't know . . . who are belting out the songs at the top of their lungs along with the movie . . . well, today's your day.

The "Oscars" are trying to recruit as many of the "Avengers" as they can to spice up the broadcast.  

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The Trailer for the Fyre Festival Documentary Was Released by Netflix

“World War Z 2” Will Begin Filming in March

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"Star Trek 4" isn't happening.

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The 10 Movies That Made the Most Money in 2018 

"Black Panther" tops a "Variety" list of the movies that made the most at the box office in 2018. "Avengers: Infinity War" is second . . . followed by "Incredibles 2".

1.  "Black Panther", $700 million


2.  "Avengers: Infinity War", $678.8 million


3.  "Incredibles 2", $608.6 million


4.  "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom", $417.7 million


5.  "Deadpool 2", $318.5 million

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New in Theaters:  "The Upside", "Replicas", and "A Dog's Way Home"

1.  "The Upside"  (PG-13)  

Kevin Hart is an ex-con who stumbles his way into a caretaking job for paralyzed billionaire Bryan Cranston.  Bryan ignores Kevin's lack of qualifications just because he can't stand any of the other candidates, and they soon become unlikely friends.

2.  "Replicas"  (PG-13)  

Keanu Reeves plays a scientist who loses his family in a car crash right as he's on the verge of making a breakthrough on transferring human consciousness.  So he steals government resources to clone bodies for them and bring them back from the dead.

3.  "A Dog's Way Home"  (PG)  Trailer

Bryce Dallas Howard is Bella, a dog who gets separated from her owner and travels 400 miles to find him.  You wouldn't recognize him.  His name's Jonah Hauer-King and he's a British actor faking an American accent.  Ashley Judd plays his mom.

4.  "Sgt. Will Gardner" (Not Rated)  Trailer

Max Martini plays a combat veteran taking a cross-country motorcycle trip to see his son while still struggling with TBI / PTSD from the Iraq war.  He wrote and directed it as a way to give back to the military, and he's donating profits to three veterans charities.


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