FOOD: Flamin' Hot Doritos Have Arrived

Flamin' Hot Doritos Have Arrived

How did it take Frito-Lay THIS long to make this happen?

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Costco Is Now Selling a 27-Pound Bucket of Mac and Cheese

I've always thought there was no such thing as TOO MUCH mac and cheese.  Well . . . that's about to be put to the test.

Because Costco just started selling a 27-POUND BUCKET of mac and cheese.  That's six gallons.  It's got 180 servings . . . and it has a shelf life of 20 years.

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Chick-Fil-A Says Their Most Popular Selling Item is the Waffle Fries

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Two Waffle House employees in Georgia filmed themselves messing with a drunk, passed out customer, then posted the video on Instagram.

 They moved his body like he was dancing, and put salt, cheese, and ketchup on his head.  The employees who did it have been fired and might be charged with battery.  Their Instagram page showed them doing it to other people too.  The local news interviewed the guy's fiancee.  Naturally, they also made a "Weekend at Bernie's" reference.

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The author of a book called "Did You Just Eat That" says he's done rigorous tests, and found that double-dipping a chip transfers a significant amount of bacteria into the dip.

  Here's the classic scene from "Seinfeld" where George goes to a funeral and gets caught double dipping a chip.

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A McDonald's employee in Witchita, Kansas recently had her car break down.

 She happened to tell a regular customer at the drive-thru, and he went out and bought her a new one.  At first she thought she was getting fired, because everyone was making such a fuss.  But when she figured out what was happening, she broke down in tears.  

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