Houston Boxer Rescue Dog of the Week: Paisley

The Rod Ryan Show has teamed up with Houston Boxer Rescue to bring you the featured dog of the week! Today is: Paisley

Hello, I’m Paisley, and I am a sweet, young, energetic, loving, boxer gal! I happen to be looking for a new family, so I would like to tell you my story so that we can find out if I would be a good match for you.

My story began when I was adopted into a loving home as a young puppy. I had a great home and a great life. Unfortunately, my dad became ill and was no longer able to care for me anymore. That’s when his granddaughter came and took me to her house. Only when she came for me, she realized that my back leg was hurt really badly. She took me to the vet to try and get me help, but unfortunately my injury was old and that complicated things. After talking to the vet, she realized that the best thing to do would be to ask HBR to help me get the care I needed. They determined that my leg had been broken in two different places and my hip was dislocated as well. The bones healed incorrectly and they were not able to help or save my leg. But..having to have my leg amputated means that I no longer have to be in pain! Now that I’ve had my surgery, I am living with my foster family and recovering. They make sure I have everything I need and are taking great care of me. In return, I have been sure to show them lots and lots of love and give them as many kisses as I can. I also continue to be the same good girl that I was before my surgery. I sleep in my kennel quietly at night, and I make sure that I only go to the bathroom outside. I have fully recovered from my surgery and now I am PAIN FREE!!! I can finally run, play, and do all of the things a one year old boxer should be able to do. I have learned to chase balls and I’m even learning to bring the ball back to my foster mom so she can throw it again for me. I can’t wait to be adopted and show my forever family all that I can do! Until then please check out the videos I am posting so I can show off my skills!!!

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