Lookin' at girlzzz: Simpson v Portman over Bikini Shoot, & more

Is There Beef Between Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman Over a Bikini Photoshoot? 

JESSICA SIMPSON and NATALIE PORTMAN got into it on Twitter yesterday . . . for about two minutes.

Natalie did an interview this week, where she talked about a racy photoshoot Jessica did back in 1999.

Jessica thought she was calling HER a hypocrite, and so she posted a response on Twitter that said women can express themselves in different ways

Natalie responded hours later, and clarified that she was blaming the MEDIA for sending "mixed messages about how girls and women" should behave.  So the whole thing was basically just a misunderstanding.

All we know is that JESSICA SIMPSON in a Bikini is a National Treasure!!!

KHLOE KARDASHIAN and TRISTAN THOMPSON are "actively trying" for Baby #2.  My apologies if you didn't want to hear that over breakfast.  

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KAT VON D had to ask a stranger for breast milk when she wasn't able to generate her own for her baby.

HALLE BERRY is 52 . . . but she probably still gets carded.

Heather Locklear, 57, headed to rehab following incident in which she was placed on a psychiatric hold

Like a lot of everyday people, CINDY CRAWFORD met up with a friend . . .  realized that they were wearing the exact same outfit . . . and posted a photo on Instagram.  It happens.

21-year-old CHLOE MORETZ has apparently moved on from BROOKLYN BECKHAM, and is now into girls.  The "Daily Mail" has photos of her apparently making out with 27-year-old "Playboy" model Kate Harrison.

Jennifer Aniston, 49, finds it 'flattering' Dolly Parton's husband wants 'threesome' as she says 'my mouth just dropped then I laughed my bu** off'

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 We will say this... Dollys Husband has Great Taste!!!

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