Crazy Criminals: Woman Throws Hot Grease on Victim

A woman in Rockville, Maryland was involved in a three-car accident on Monday, and fled the scene.  

Then an off-duty cop used his van to cut her off . . . and ended up clinging to her hood while she hit speeds up to 80 miles an hour.  Luckily, he's okay.

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Woman Allegedly Dumped Hot Grease on Victim During Dispute

This has to be considered for Mug Shot of the Year!

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Cheesecake Factory Gave Out Free Slices Yesterday . . . Which Led to Chaos and at Least One Arrest

Cheesecake Factory was giving away free slices yesterday if you used DoorDash . . . but that wound up causing CHAOS at a bunch of locations as the drivers battled for parking and crammed into the restaurants.  And one driver in Virginia was even ARRESTED for fighting with the cops.

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A Guy Pulls a Gun at Popeyes When He's Not Satisfied with His Condiments

A guy in New Orleans pulled a gun at a Popeyes chicken joint on Friday after he had some sort of issue with his condiments.  Then he walked out, and police found him causing a disturbance at a Church's Chicken across the street.

 If this was about not getting enough ketchup, the guy's insane.  If it was barbecue sauce . . . yeah, still insane.

 A 59-year-old named Earl Jethroe ordered a meal at a Popeyes chicken joint in New Orleans on Friday.

Then he had some sort of issue with his condiments.  We're guessing he wanted more and didn't want to pay for them.

He ultimately decided to handle the situation by chucking his chicken across the room . . . pulling a GUN from his waistband . . . and pointing it at the manager.

Luckily no one was hurt, and Earl left.  He was arrested after cops found him causing a scene at a Church's Chicken across the street.

 According to the police report, he was wobbly on his feet and smelled like alcohol.  He's facing two separate charges for aggravated assault with a firearm, and disturbing the peace while drunk. 

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A guy in Florida called himself the, quote, "world's dumbest criminal" after he was caught stealing a lawnmower and a weed trimmer from Walmart.

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A drug dealer was released from prison in Pennsylvania on Tuesday . . . then carjacked a woman in the parking lot.  

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 Remember a few years ago when a video showed a guy peeing on a conveyor belt at a Kellogg's plant in Tennessee?  That guy just pleaded guilty to tampering with consumer products and he's facing up to three years in prison. 

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