Food: Sour Patch Kids Cereal Is Real and on Sale? + More

1. Sour Patch Kids Cereal Is Real And On Sale?

Of all the candies to turn into a cereal, THIS is the one they went with?

Post just created SOUR PATCH KIDS cereal. There had been rumors of it for a little while, but it SEEMED fake. Well, nope. It's real, and it's in stores now.

 Apparently it's pretty hard to find right now, so no reviews have surfaced yet. The only info we've got is what it says on the box . . . it's, quote, "sour then sweet."

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2. You Can Get Free Frostys For All Of 2018 For $2

This seems like a hell of a deal if you eat at Wendy's a lot . . . or even eat there, like, three times a year.

Right now, you can get a key tag at Wendy's that will give you free small Frostys with any purchase for ALL of 2019. And it only costs $2, with the money going to charity: The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

So yeah, free Frostys for a year for $2, which you could ARGUABLY write off as a charitable donation. 

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3. The Grocery Chain Aldi Is Selling Advent Calendars, With Little Wine Bottles For Every Day

They go on sale today. 

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4. Will Coffee Chains Start Carding Teens When They Order?

Should they?

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5. Sailor Jerry Has Teamed Up With Harley Davidson for a Limited Edition Rum for the Holidays

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6. National Cappuccino Day Deals

Today is National Cappuccino Day!  Find out where to celebrate with a free cup.

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