3 Things: Chinese Company Employees Are Whipped and Forced to Drink Urine

1. Employees of a Chinese Company Are Whipped and Forced to Drink Urine for Not Meeting Sales Targets

A video from China shows employees of a company being punished for not meeting sales targets. They're beaten with a belt, and forced to drink urine. It starts with a male worker in the middle of a room being beaten by a woman with a belt.  It cuts to a different guy getting the same treatment, this time by a man.  Then you see other employees holding their noses as they drink cups of urine. The video went viral and three of the company managers were jailed.  According to AsiaOne.com, there was another video that's since been taken down, and it was even worse. A topless man was beaten with a belt, and there were text messages of managers threatening to make the employees eat cockroaches, drink vinegar and toilet water, and having their heads shaved.

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2. A Dog Always Thinks the Patio Door is Closed, Even When It Isn't

A family posted video of their dog sitting on the back patio waiting for someone to open the door so it can come inside.  But the door is already open, and even though the family is calling it to come inside, the dog still thinks it's closed. Finally, one of the kids walks over and pretends to open the door, and the dog walks in.

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3. A Cat Confronts a Rat, and Then Wishes It Hadn't

The "rat over cat domination" continues. Surveillance video from a city in Luxembourg shows a cat trying to stir up trouble by running across the street to confront a rat. But the tables get turned when the rat doesn't back down, and then goes on the attack . . . chasing the cat through the intersection and down the street.

watch the clip below:


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