FOOD: New Product Lets You Drink Wine In The Shower + More

1. Want to Drink Wine in the Shower? A New Product Makes That Easy 

It's about time that manufacturers started catering to those of us who don't want to have to STOP DRINKIN' just to get ready to go out.

Urban Outfitters just started selling a new product called the Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder. It's a waterproof device that holds a wine glass and it suctions on the wall of your shower.

 So now you can take your glass of wine into the shower and have a safe, secure place to put it while you use shampoo. If you want one, you can pre-order it for $15, and they're set to ship in November.

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2. Panera Bread 

will now let you build your own mac-and-cheese with toppings like bacon, avocado, and salsa. 

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3. Anheuser-Busch

 Has Stopped Brewing Beer to Can 300,000 Cans of Water to Send for Hurricane Relief in the Carolinas

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4. Taco Bell Has Brought Back the Triple Double Crunchwrap

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5. Sunday Is National Guacamole Day When They Say "Guac Is Extra," Do You Pay Up?

Sunday is National Guacamole Day. But it's okay if you want to celebrate it now. It's like how they just kinda moved President's Day at some point to make it more convenient. You enjoy Guacamole Day on your own timeline.

And here are a few stats on guac from a new survey that you can discuss with your friends while you celebrate the holiday, because everyone loves numbers:

1. 48% of people say they LOVE guacamole, and another 25% say they like it. Less than 8% say they hate it.

2. 29% of people eat it at least once a week, and 6% eat it DAILY.

3. And when you're at Chipotle or another place and they say "guac is extra, is that okay?" 38% of people always pay up. 27% will pay extra for it once in a while, and 11% will only eat it if it's included for free.

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