Crazy Criminalzzz: Worker Uses a Bong to Fight Off Robbers + More

1. VIDEO You Must See: A Head Shop Worker Uses a Bong to Fight Off Robbers

Security cam from a marijuana dispensary in Canada filmed three thieves entering a store and attacking a clerk with bear spray. But the worker grabs a glass bong and comes out swinging until they give up and leave.

Watch it here.

2. A Guy Sings "Don't Stop Believin'" on His Journey to Jail

The cops arrested a guy in Florida for drunk driving earlier this month, but they wouldn't put on music in their car on the way to jail. So, the guy started singing "Don't Stop Believin'". He's facing a DUI charge.

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3. A Guy Busted For Pleasuring Himself in Front of a Laundromat Says It "Helps with His Anxiety"

A guy in Florida was busted for watching porn and pleasuring himself at a laundromat on Tuesday. And he said it was because it, quote, "helps with his anxiety." He was arrested for exposure of sexual organs.

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4. A college professor in Nevada 

is facing felony charges for pulling a gun out at school last month and shooting himself in the arm to protest President Trump.

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5. A guy in Florida was arrested last week

 for nicking his neighbor's arm with a chainsaw while they argued about a bush on their property line.

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