3 Things You Must See: Surgeons Attach Foot Backwards + More

1. A 12-year-old girl who lost half 

of her left leg to bone cancer last year can still pursue her love of dance after surgeons created a new knee joint by putting her foot on BACKWARDS. 

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2. From Listen MaxxSpawn

"FOUND A STORY YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN BROTHER ROD: Boy, 10, Survives After Being Impaled Through the Head by Foot-Long Meat Skewer"

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3. A Taxi Driver Yanks a Passenger Out of His Car For Littering

Somebody in Russia was sitting in traffic behind a taxi, and their dashcam filmed a passenger in the cab littering. He tosses a bottle out of the window. But taxi driver wasn't having it.

He hits the brakes, gets out of the car and picks up the bottle. And then he opens the door and yanks the passenger out of his cab and throws him to the ground. Then he drives away and leaves the guy on the side of the road.



4. A Guy's Head is Stuck Between the Tailpipe and Tire of His Motorcycle

A couple of months ago we saw a woman with her head stuck inside the tailpipe of a truck. This isn't as impressive, but it's pretty close. A guy in Vietnam woke up with his head stuck BETWEEN the tailpipe and tire of his motorcycle.

He had been drinking the night before and had no idea how it happened. Someone used a wrench to loosen the tailpipe so he could get out. It happened earlier this year but the video is making the rounds now.


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