MUSIC: Paul McCartney Gives a WILD Interview to GQ, Crazy Sex Stories +More

1. Paul McCartney Gives a WILD Interview to GQ, Crazy Sex Stories!

PAUL MCCARTNEY overshared in a new "GQ" interview where he revealed that he and JOHN LENNON engaged in simultaneous "ménage a moi" together and yelled out names like "Brigitte Bardot" to keep everyone going.

Full interview here.

2. Alice in Chains pay tribute to Burt Reynolds

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3. Jack White New Concert Film

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4. From Listener Nate:

"Brother Rod, not sure if you've heard this album yet? You're gonna love it! Nate C."


5. Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch

 Donated $190,000 From Tour’s Ticket Sales to Charities

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6. Anthony Kiedis Says the Chili Peppers

 Will Begin Working On New Album in About 2 Weeks

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7. LIMP BIZKIT singer FRED DURST is getting divorced.

Full Story


8. Bono Did a Nazi Salute While Mocking the Leader of Sweden's Far-Right Political Party

BONO did a Nazi salute during a U2 concert in Paris on Sunday. He was performing in character as his evil alter-ego 'Mr. MacPhisto,' which he's been using for 25 years.

In between songs, 'MacPhisto' said, quote, "I'm just back from Sweden. I didn't know how much I liked the Swedish, tall, blond, blue eyed, boring. But now it appears the Swedes are beginning to discover their Aryan potential!"

He then shouted, quote, "Akesson! Jimmie Akesson!," while performing a Nazi salute. Akkeson is the leader of the far-right, anti-immigrant political party in Sweden. The party has roots in neo-Nazi organizations, and is gaining in popularity.

The salute comes a minute in. Here's another version


9. Ozzy Says He’s Not Actually Retiring From Touring

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10. Men Still Ask Sammy Hagar to Sleep with Their Wives 

SAMMY HAGAR doesn't have to sneak around to have sex with married women because there are plenty of guys who are just dying to GIVE their wives to him. Unfortunately, he has to decline because HE'S married.

He says, quote, "Guys ask me to have sex with their wives. I'm like, 'No, no, no,' and they're like, 'How about just, like, [oral]? She's really good.' And I'm going, 'Dude, are you crazy?' I can't even imagine."

Meanwhile, Sammy's band THE CIRCLE has a new album coming out in January, and he's hoping for a Grammy. He says, quote, "That's my bucket list I've been double-parked in the rock 'n' roll business for 40 years, and I want a stamp on my validation so I don't have to pay to get out."

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11. An Old Dude Perfectly Air Drumming to a Rush Song

A video has been making the rounds of an old guy at Sunday's Baltimore Ravens - Buffalo Bills game, and he's air drumming like a pro. He's totally nailing each and every beat of Rush's "Tom Sawyer".

Actually, he is a pro. He's a member of the Ravens' marching band but he's still fun to watch.


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