3 Things You Must See: Bald Eagle Lands On 9/11 Memorial + More

1. A fire department in Minnesota set up two trucks

 with a flag flying between them as a memorial for 9/11, and a bald eagle landed on the top of one truck's ladder. The fire chief caught it all on his phone his name is Jerry Streich.


2. Video Shows Research Plane Flying Into Hurricane Florence

Watch here.


3. An Old Dude Perfectly Air Drumming to a Rush Song

A video has been making the rounds of an old guy at Sunday's Baltimore Ravens - Buffalo Bills game, and he's air drumming like a pro. He's totally nailing each and every beat of Rush's "Tom Sawyer".

Actually, he is a pro. He's a member of the Ravens' marching band but he's still fun to watch.



4. Grey Whale gets friendly with boat passengers


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