MOVIE: Watch Marvel Characters Fight to ABBA + More

1. Watch Marvel Characters Fight to the Groovy Disco-Pop Stylings of ABBA 

This works so much better than it has any right to: People have been taking fight scenes from Marvel movies and setting them to ABBA music.

Imagine the thrilling final battle from "Thor: Ragnarok" set to "Dancing Queen". or Captain America battling the Winter Soldier to "Lay All Your Love on Me". Or don't imagine it because you can actually EXPERIENCE it.

Probably the best Marvel / ABBA mashup actually predates the recent trend. Back in January, someone made a music video for "Captain America: Civil War", set to "The Winner Takes It All", and it's pretty amazing.


2. In Order to Get Freddie Mercury's Moves Down, Rami Malek Studied Liza Minnelli??? 

FREDDIE MERCURY was one of the most unique performers of all time. So when RAMI MALEK got the call to play him in the QUEEN movie "Bohemian Rhapsody", he knew he had some studying to do.

But he didn't just study Freddie. He worked with a dialect and movement coach who made him study people who INSPIRED Freddie including Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Liza Minnelli in the movie "Cabaret".

Rami says, quote, "It was almost more useful at times to watch Liza than it was to watch Freddie himself. You found the inspiration and birth of those movements."

Even before the movie was greenlit, Rami had a costume designer make him a set of teeth that gave him the Freddie Mercury overbite and he carried them around so he could practice singing every night.

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3. The Rock Posted a Behind the Scenes Look

 at the New “Fast and Furious” Spinoff on Instagram

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4. KIT HARINGTON from "Game of Thrones"

 wants to know why Marvel hasn't cast a gay actor as a superhero yet. 

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