3 Things You Must See: Marriage Proposal In Video Game Goes Wrong + More

1. A Guy Got His Marriage Proposal Into the New "Spider-Man" Video Game But His Girlfriend Dumped Him Right Before It Came Out

A guy in Florida tweeted the developers of the new "Spider-Man" video game in May and got them to sneak a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL from him to his girlfriend in the game.  It came out last week but it turns out his girlfriend DUMPED him last month.

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2. A couple who went to Texas A&M posted their sonogram online, 

because it looks like their baby is flashing the "Hook 'em Horns" sign for their biggest rival, the University of Texas.  

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3. There's a video online where a couple leaves their house with their baby daughter, 

and lightning strikes right over their front yard. On what looks like a perfectly nice day. So they go back inside. It was all captured on their security camera. The woman says "I feel that in me."



4. Pumpkin-Size 'Giant' Fibroid Removed from Woman's Uterus

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