Lookin' At Girlzzz: Fans Hate The New NFL Carrie Underwood Song + More

1. 'Sunday Night Football' has a new Carrie Underwood song, but some NFL fans hate it

The haters lit up the Internet last night whining about CARRIE UNDERWOOD's new Sunday Night Football theme song. Some called it "atrocious" while others said it sounded like a "parody" of last season's song.

Here is just 1 email Rod Received:

"That was hands down worst Sunday football intro I have ever seen. Waited all this time to be disappointed. ~Angel G”

Here's last year's:


Here's this year's:


2. Miss New York Nia Franklin won the Miss America Pageant last night.


3. Cardi B Attacked Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week 

Chaos erupted at a New York Fashion Week party Friday night, when CARDI B attacked NICKI MINAJ. The two never actually came to blows, but the scene was pretty crazy.

In an Instagram post after the brawl, Cardi accused Nicki of dissing her behind her back, and even trying to sabotage her career. But the last straw was when she started talking about Cardi's kid, and questioning her abilities as a mother.

So on Friday, Cardi tried to confront Nicki, but security kept her back. So she THREW HER SHOE at her, but she missed.

The insanity lasted several minutes, and Cardi ended up with a lump above her eye. Witnesses say she may have been elbowed by one of Nicki's bodyguards.

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4.  Nicki Minaj in a tight Pink plunging dress

Pics here.


5. Bella and Gigi Hadid Showed Off on the Runway at New York Fashion Week on Sunday NIght

Pics here.


6. Paulina Gretzky Has Caught People’s Attention

 After Deleting Every Post With Dustin Johnson From Her Instagram Account

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7. Sports Illustrated Posted a New Video of Ashley Graham Playing in the Surf

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8. Back ON The Market!

PAMELA ANDERSON reportedly broke up with her boyfriend because he started talking marriage. 

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9. Off The Market!

DENISE RICHARDS got married, and CHARLIE SHEEN wishes her "nothing but happiness." 

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10. 8 incredible anime cosplayers you need to follow

Pics here.


11. Check out 64-year-old CHRISTIE BRINKLEY and her 20-year-old daughter Sailor.

Pics here.


12. Piper Kennedy Will Teach You About The Salty Hair, Zero-Care Lifestyle


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