Here Are the Four Most Regrettable Types of Tattoos + More

1. Tattoos may be more popular and mainstream than ever 

 but that doesn't mean everyone gets them guilt-free. A new survey asked people with tattoos if they REGRET them and around HALF of people said yeah, they've got one or more they don't like.

And the top four types of tattoos people are most likely to regret are:

1. Someone's name.

2. An Asian character.

3. A tribal pattern.

4. A star constellation.

The survey also found about one in three people have considered getting a tattoo removed but haven't done it yet and one in four have already had one removed.

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2. Domino's started running a two-month promotion in Russia

 last week where you could win free pizza for LIFE if you got a tattoo of their logo. Then they ended the promo less than a week in, because they didn't expect so many people to do it. 

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3. The Biggest Trend in Tattoos Is Fruit 

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4. A Guide to Every Single One of Ariana Grande's Tattoos

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5. One of our FAVORITE Follows on Instagram, Tattooed Hunnies


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