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1. Mustard Pizza Is Now a Thing That Exists

Remember the sweet, innocent days of 2017 when people argued about whether pineapple was a bad pizza topping? Now we're staring down stuff that sounds infinitely weirder, like this:

There's a pizzeria in New York City called Lions & Tigers & Squares, and they offer pizza that uses spicy MUSTARD instead of sauce. Then they use corned beef, cheese, and sauerkraut as the toppings, so it's like a Reuben sandwich. But still.

As usual with crazy pizza toppings, people on social media seem more grossed out than intrigued. 

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2. Domino's started running a two-month promotion in Russia

 last week where you could win free pizza for LIFE if you got a tattoo of their logo. Then they ended the promo less than a week in, because they didn't expect so many people to do it. 

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БУДУ ЕСТЬ ПИЦЦУ ВСЕГДА #доминоснавсегда

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3.  A Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce, Is Taking Over Instagram Feeds

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Breakfast for din 🏆

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4. A new study found men are less likely to 

order vegetarian options at restaurants because they think it's embarrassing. 

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5. Chocolate Chip Cookies Are as Addicting as Cocaine

Chocolate chip cookies are just about as addictive as COCAINE, according to a new study. And it's thanks to the sugar, the fat, the chemical compounds in the chocolate chips, and even the nostalgic feelings you get from the smell.

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