FOOD: Happy National Waffle Week With Waffle House + More

1.  Celebrate Waffle House National Waffle Week

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2. A Woman Dips Her Chicken Strip Into Her Soft Drink

In case you haven't seen this: ESPN's coverage of the U.S. Open showed a fan dipping a chicken strip into a cup of soda, and then taking a bite. Basically, she uses the soda as a dipping sauce. Naturally, the Internet had a lot to say about it.


3. A Restaurant Offers People Their Age as a Percent-Off Birthday Discount So a 109-Year-Old Woman Got Paid to Eat There

There's a restaurant in Montana that offers a birthday discount matching your age if you're 38 then you get a 38% discount on your birthday, and so forth. So this 109-year-old woman named Helen Self goes there every year on her birthday, and gets PAID to eat there. The owner's name is Nick Alonzo, and he gave her nine percent back in cash this year.


4. Coca-Cola Just Bought One Of The World's Largest Coffee Chains To Challenge Starbucks

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5. The Pumpkin Spice Latte Didn't Do Well in Focus Groups and Its Creator Thought It Was a "Long Shot"

It's hard these days to remember a world before pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. But that world existed in 2003, when a project manager at Starbucks named Peter Dukes led the team that created the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

And according to a new interview, he says they really didn't think it would be a hit. Focus groups thought it was strange to mix pumpkin flavor and coffee, and he thought the drink was a, quote, "long shot."

But when it went on sale, it immediately took off and became a huge hit. And now we're at the 15th anniversary, and it might be more popular than ever. 

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